Make your coffee sparkle with a sprinkle of cinnamon

We have been learning about making coffee for a number of years, from different ways of roasting to mixing flavour profiles. All of which have a big impact on coffee flavours. But we'd like to think we've got this covered. However we have recently learnt some different methods to elevate your coffee at home.

Of course in the modern world coffee syrups are all the rage in your favourite high street coffee shops, even adding syrup to the bean roasting adjusts the flavour profile.

Recently we have discovered a more purest way to enhance your coffee at home, and frankly a healthier way. Cinnamon! adding a sprinkling of cinnamon to coffee beans or grounds before brew is a fabulous way to enhance flavour. It will be a game changer. We found our Colombia Bean went to new heights with the addition of cinnamon. The caramel and nutty flavours suite the sweet spice of cinnamon.

Whats even better than the flavour of cinnamon is the brilliant health benefits it has. Not only does coffee taste even better but you're improving your health too.

Some of my favourite benefits include:

  • Increased antioxidants - one teaspoon has as many antioxidants as a half cup of blueberries. As per a study by Penn State university.

  • Improve brain function - Wheeling Jesuit University reported improved visual and motor response. They actually report improvement from just smelling the spice also.

  • Reduces the impact of fatty foods - Cinnamon reduces the triglycerides by upto 30 percent. Triglycerides is what causes arteries to become lined by fat and can lead to clots. This is

  • Help with symptoms of colds - Drinking cinnamon in hot drinks can clear sinuses and reduce mucus production.

Its also worth saying that cinnamon has a natural sweetness which reduces the need for adding sugar and I'm sure we all know the benefits of reducing our sugar intake.

So in the words of the Spice Girls… spice up your life! with cinnamon. You won't be disappointed!

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