How we make the perfect coffee

Ever wondered how coffee is made? Well we thought we'd give you a whistle stop tour of how we produce ours.

First things first the coffee cherry is picked and sorted so only ripe cherries are processed. The next thing the farms do is dry the cherries. Most farms do this by simply laying all the coffee cherries out on racks in the sun. The racks get turned

regularly to completely dry the the whole fruit. Some farms use a water and fermentation method to activate the enzymes so the pulp is removed from the cherries. They're then ready to be dried. This method takes roughly 48 hours to complete. It is used to speed up the drying process because the open air rack method can take several weeks for each coffee batch. Once dried the bean's husk is removed and ready to be shipped.

It's over to us for roasting. We roast our beans for roughly 13 to 14 minutes, depending on the roast colour. Generally the beans themselves, combined with colour, determine the strength. So roasting to darker colours doesn't necessarily mean a stronger coffee because the bean has a key role to play. Of course this is influenced by the temperatures we roast at but that's our secret weapon so we'll being keeping that to ourselves.

Coffee Beans, three roast colours

The roasted coffee beans are then cooled in cooling trays so they're ready to be transferred and packed. Ground coffee is a little different. Once ground, they are left for 24 hours to release the natural gases and to prevent our bags from blowing up. The finish product is then sent to our lovely customers to enjoy.

That is it in a nutshell...or should we say coffee bean.

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