Pandemic sparks our gamble on a ‘flamboyant’ dream

Based in Reigate, Surrey, Dan and I (James) decided to launched a coffee brand, who’s name and spirit is inspired by our affection for flamingos – a group of which is a known as a flamboyance.

Our coffee range focusses on our favourite coffee roasts and blends and offers opportunity to ‘join the flamboyance’ and subscribe to receiving regular coffee deliveries, as well as one off purchases.

We wanted to make it easy and simple for customers to understand what flavours they may like by removing the coffee jargon. Check out our shop

Coffee Flamingo has been an idea that we always kicked down the road and never believed we could achieve. But the pandemic really opened our eyes to the fact that you really never know what could happen tomorrow. This was the kick we needed to say, “let’s do it”, take the risk, and see what happens. We want to spread the joy we get from coffee… and flamingos.

Find out more about us and how we came up with Coffee Flamingo by reading Our Story

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