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Espresso House Blend

The Espresso House Blend is perfect to make all speciality coffees or if you need a delicious simple coffee kick in the morning. It is a light and fruity flavoured bean blend. This is a selected mix of beans to create the a lovely Espresso blend.


Flavours: Sweet Berries

Roast & Strength: Dark Roast and Strong Strength

Origin: Africa, Brazil, Central America and Vietnam

Composition: Arabica and Robusta


As a small artisanal coffee producer we only roast on certain days which means you can expect to receive your fabulous coffee in 4-7 days.


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  • Number of Cups

    Approximatly 15 cups

    Generally our 227g bags will produce approximatly 15 cups of coffee. Of course it depends how strong you have your coffee, more grounds equals stronger coffee. 

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